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FY 2017-18 grant programs
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Grant Program for Japanese Studies Projects

This program is designed to promote Japanese studies overseas by providing grants toward various Japanese studies projects implemented by overseas organizations.







Overseas non-profit organizations such as academic institutions from university level upwards or research institutions that are implementing Japanese studies activities.


Eligible Projects:

Projects must be implemented and completed between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

Projects must fall into any of the following four categories:

1. Projects that contribute to development of Japanese Studies through education, research, training, conference, publication, resource acquisition, and so forth.

2. Survey projects on Japanese studies.

3. Projects that disseminate and exchange information on Japanese studies.

4. Projects that contribute to raise more awareness on Japanese studies and/or on Japan.

*Some examples under this program are: "Research and Conference Grant", "Library Support", "Publication Grant", "Support for Study or Training in Japan", and so forth.

*Commercial activities, arts and cultural activities, activities in support of specific doctrines or claims, and so forth are not eligible for this program.


Grant Coverage:

Part of the following expenses:

1. Travel costs (international airfares and other transportation expenses, daily allowances and accommodation fees)

2. Honoraria (for lecturers, collaborators, interpreters, etc.)

3. Meeting expenses (for venues, equipment, etc.)

4. Other expenses (for printing, materials, etc.)

*34 out of 61 applications for FY 2017 were accepted.


Selection Policy:

1. Higher priority will be given to projects that meet the following criteria:

a) Projects that involve Japan specialists and/or organizations outside the applicants' countries.

b) Primary targets of projects are mid-carrier/younger researchers.

2. Low priority will be given to the projects based on existing partnerships, such as agreements between universities and sister institution relationships.

3. In selecting applications, some consideration will be given to the situations on Japanese studies activities in the applying organizations as well as in their regions or countries.


Application Deadline

December 1, 2017


Notification of Results

April 2018


For further information on the grant program, please see the Program Guidlines of the Japan Foundation below:



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