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2020.07.07. 15:00
In the second part of the video there is only written explanation (no speech). To fully enjoy the content, please enable the subtitels function in YouTube and set the subtitle of your choice.

OKEIKO2 (Standing, Sitting)

Standing up with ease while maintaining a straight posture from „seiza” (traditional way of sitting in Japan: kneeling while sitting back on the heels) – this motion is hard even for Japanese people today. Since tatami-floored rooms (traditional Japanese style rooms with straw mats) have become less common, sitting seiza-style has also become rare. Curiously, however, when we sit down in a tatami-matted room at a ryokan (Japanese style inn) or such, it soothes our soul.  Especially when one wears a kimono, being able to stand up with ease looks even more beautiful. It is definately a skill worth mastering!

(Mitsuko T. Sakurai)