OKEIKO - Trailer

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2020.06.24. 18:45


’Nihon Buyo’ or Japanese traditional dance is a traditional performing art in Japan. In his video series ’OKEIKO’ renowed Nihon Buyo artist, Rankoh FUJIMA shows the movements of the beautiful and dynamic Japanese calassical dance, presenting a tool for remote learning. Along these videos we share short explanations written by dance critic, Mitsuko T. Sakurai. Matching the purpose of these educational videos, master Rankoh FUJIMA is wearing the typical summer practice attire, yukata instead of kimonos worn for stage performances.    

English subtitles available on YouTube in the 'Settings' of the video!

The phrase OKEIKO is formed from the word “keiko”, which means practice or learning, and the prefix “o” added to it. In Japanese, when one wants to indicate value or talk about something with respect, it is expressed by addig the prefix “o” before the word in some cases.

For Nihon Buyo dancers, the time they spend on OKEIKO every day is very.

(Mitsuko T. Sakurai)