Performing Arts Japan for Europe 2020-2021

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The PAJ Programme supports initiatives taken by nonprofit organizations to provide audiences with greater exposure to Japanese performing arts. PAJ also encourages collaborations between Japanese and local artists. 


Performing Arts Japan Programme for Europe (PAJ Europe) was started by the Japan Foundation in 2006 to revitalise and facilitate the exchange between leading artists in Europe and Japan. The main feature of this scheme is that this grant will be made available to those organisers based in Europe who are planning to organise Japan related performing arts projects. The applications will be screened by an annually appointed panel of advisors who are specialists in the area of performing arts in Europe. Successful applicants will receive grants towards part of the cost of implementing their project


In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, 12 projects (6 Touring and 6 Collaboration projects) were selected under the programme, for a total amount of € 145,670. 



The Japan Foundation is now accepting proposals for projects, which take place between 1 April 2020 and 30 June 2021, for touring and collaboration grants. To apply for the programme, please read the general guidelines (please find the document below) carefully, and complete the attached Application Form and submit it along with other necessary materials to the Japan Foundation offices in Europe (see attached list to find out which office to send your application to).



Applications should be submitted by  31 October 2019 (receipt deadline of original printed material). Applications recieved after the deadline will not be accepted.




The primary objectives of PAJ Europe are:

- To support the effective introduction of carefully selected Japanese performing arts projects that have a plan for an even geographic coverage across Europe.

- To assist well-envisioned Europe-Japan collaborative projects through the creational phases of new works.

- To encourage educational activities in addition to the actual performances, such as workshops and residency activities; to acquaint European audiences with Japanese performing arts in the context of their history, culture and development.



The PAJ Europe programme is comprised of the following two categories:


TOURING GRANT: assists the presentation process of Japan-related performing arts projects in which the Japanese artist is included in the tour at multiple locations in Europe, with emphasis on locations outside major capital cities where there is no regular exposure to Japanese performing arts.

Please note: The PAJ definition of ‘Touring’ means a project that is presented as one continuous tour without large gaps of time between performances.

COLLABORATION GRANT: assists the development stage of a project in which Japanese and European artists work collaboratively in order to create a new work through research, residencies, artists’ discussions etc., that has the potential of being developed into a Touring project in the future, enhancing the understanding of Japanese culture when presented to European audiences.

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For a list of all Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) Programme for Europe 2018-2019 grant recipients, please click here.


For further information, contact:

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