Marugoto A2 Online!

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もくてき ・ The Objective of the Course

このコースは、こんな 人たちの ための コースです。The objective of this course is to provide an opportunity of learning Japanese for those:

 ・中央(ちゅうおう)ヨーロッパか 東(ひがし)ヨーロッパに います。
 ・もう、にほんごの A1 を べんきょうしました。
 ・いえの ちかくに にほんごの きょうしつが ありません。

 - Who live in Central and Eastern Europe,
 - Who have attained an A1 level of Japanese,
 - Who cannot, for example, due to geographical reasons, attend class in a traditional classroom setting.
 - Who are familiar with and can access Google + freely.

せんせい ・ The Instructor

村上吉文 (国際交流基金ブダペスト日本文化センター)
Yoshifumi Murakami (Japan Foundation, Budapest)

がくせい ・ Participants

1. 中央(ちゅうおう)ヨーロッパか 東(ひがし)ヨーロッパの 人の ための コースです。
2. コースのまえに NihongoStarter などで A1 レベルを べんきょうして ください。
3. コースでは「まるごと A2 りかい」「まるごと A2 かつどう」をつかいます。

1. The course is intended forthose who live in Central or Eastern Europe.
2. Participants are strongly recommended to study and go through A1 level textbooks such as “NIHONGO Starter A1 Lesson 01” to “NIHONGO Starter A1 Lesson 10” before participating in the Online course.
3. The Online course will use “Marugoto A2 Rikai” and “Marugoto A2 Katsudo” as textbooks.


べんきょうする人のかず ・ Number of participants:
Maximum 18 persons (2 classes, average 9 persons per class)

べんきょうのためのグループ ・ Classes will be conducted through Communities
utilizing "Marugoto A2 online!" in Google+.

きかん ・ Duration:
3 がつ9 かから 18 しゅうかんです。まいしゅう げつようびの ごご 6 じから 8 じまでです。 The course will last for 18 weeks, beginning March 9, 2015 through July 5, 2015. It will take 2 hours per week (Every Monday, from 18:00-20:00)

りょうきん ・ Fee
むりょう The Online course is free but a commitment to attend at least 80 percent of the classes is required.

もうしこみ ・ Application
2 がつ28 にちまでに ここで もうしこんで ください。せんちゃくじゅんです。Candidates must apply by submitting this application form before Feb. 28, 2015. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Japan Foundation, Budapest will contact those who have applied in order to conduct an interview. Results of the selection will be communicated directly to the applicant.

そのほか  Other pertinent information
こ のコースに受講生に対しては、修了証は発行しません。As this is a pilot program, JFBP will not issue a certificate for accreditation at the completion of the course.The participants must agree to have the results of the course used for scientific and research purposes of the Japan Foundation.