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About us

The Japan Foundation was established in 1972. Its purpose is promoting cultural co-operation between Japan and other countries of the world. From October 1, 2003, it has been operating as a special status independent administrative organization, thus its resources may be complemented by donations from the private sector apart from the central budget. By this reform, we hope that our work shall become more effective and more approachable for an increasing number of people.


The activities of the Japan Foundation may be divided into three categories: exchange, research, study and art fellowships, support for Japanese language teaching institutions and support for the study on Japan. All this is further supported by a fourth pillar, the Information Centre, which is collecting, organising and publishing information related to international exchange.


The Budapest Office has been established in 1991 after a Japanese-Hungarian intergovernmental decision, as the fourteenth of the foreign offices belonging to Japan Foundation. Its activity covers not only Hungary but the countries of the central-eastern European region as well. The Japan Foundation Office in Budapest is meant to take Hungarian-Japanese cultural relations to a greater depth, which is supported by carrying out the programs the Japan Foundation launches each year all over the world, offering opportunities in the field of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange.


The Budapest Office organizes and supports programs and events independent from the official programs of the Tokyo headquarters.


Inside of the establishment we run a library, Japanese language courses, host lectures related to Japanese culture and smaller exhibitions, while outside of the office we have a tradition of organizing cinematic events and traveling exhibitions, furthermore we are active in theatrical and musical productions.


Staff :

Director: FUJII Mami 

Deputy Director: NISHIMURA Ayaka

Senior Japanese Language Adviser: YOSHIOKA Chisato

Japanese Language Specialist: KATAYAMA Megumi

Administrative Officer: MÉSZÁROS Gábor

Program Officer: NIKOLÉNYI Gergely (Inquiries: Projects related to Japanese language education)

Program Assistant: ZUGOR Valentina (Inquiries: Projects related to performing arts, films, exhibitions)

Program Assistant: ERDŐS Veronika (Inquiries: Projects related to literature, Japanese studies, library)