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  • Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists

    This program is designed to support artists and Japanese culture specialists who conduct such cultural events (e.g., performing arts, demonstrations, lectures and workshops) overseas with the aim of introducing Japanese arts and culture.

    Code of the application form: Q-DACS

  • Exhibitions Abroad Support Program

    This program is designed to support overseas museums and art institutions which organize exhibitions introducing Japanese art and culture to audiences overseas.

  • Grant Program for Translation and Publication on Japan

    This program is designed to provide financial support for foreign publishers intending to translate and/or publish booksoriginally written in Japanese. The grant covers part of the translation cost and/or publishing costs. By enabling the reduction of the selling price, and thus making books more accessible to thegeneral public, especially books that are difficult to publish commercially, the program aims to foster better understanding ofJapanese culture and to promote Japanese studies abroad.