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January 2. (Tue)

New Year's Holiday (J)


January 3. (Wed)

New Year's Holiday (J)


March 15. (Fri)

National day (H)


March 29. (Fri)

Good Friday (H)


April 1. (Mon)

Easter Monday (H)


May 1. (Wed)

May Day (H)


May 20. (Mon)

Pentecost (Pünkösd) day (H)


August 19. (Mon)

Public holiday (H)


August 20. (Tue)

State Foundation Day (H)


October 23. (Wed)

National Day (H)


November 1. (Wed)

All Saints Day


December 24.-27. (Tue-Fri)

Christmas, Boxing Day


December 30.-31. (Mon-Tue)

Year-end Holiday (J)