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PhD Workshop for Doctoral Students in Japanese Studies in Central and Eastern Europe 2024


The aim of this workshop is to offer a unique opportunity for participants to work together intensively to enhance individual projects and engage in concentrated discussions of common themes and methods. Through presentations and focused sessions, students give and receive critical feedback on thesis projects, fieldwork plans and preliminary results. The informal environment of the workshop provides doctoral students an opportunity to create a multidisciplinary network of advanced graduate students and senior scholars in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of Japanese Studies.


Through a two-day long intensive workshop, students will be asked to read the work of their peers, comment on the work of each other, and prepare for workshop presentations linking their own work to the broader international Japanese studies field.

The workshop is scheduled for 3rd and 4th February, 2024, which will take place as a face-to-face conference this year.


We are calling for applications from advanced graduate students who are pursuing PhD degrees in the region. Those who are embarking upon or in the process of writing their PhD dissertations are eligible. Their area of expertise can be in all humanities and social science disciplines (except for Japanese language education), e.g. in politics, history, society, pop culture, literature, arts, language, thought, religion, etc.
About 8 participants will be selected to make an approximately 15-minute long presentation on their research and engage in discussions in English.
Participant students will be supervised by designated senior scholars through the workshop.



The following applicants are eligible:

  • Full time graduate students researching fields related to Japanology, regardless of citizenship, who are enrolled at universities in the Central Eastern European region (13 countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia , Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia).
  • Students originally from the Central Eastern European region (with nationality of the forementioned 13 countries), who are enrolled in graduate programs outside of the region, but who have a research field related to Japanese Studies.
  • Applications are particularly welcome from graduate students in the earlyfieldwork through the middle stages of thesis writing.


Application and selection procedures

All materials should be sent via e-mail to no later than Monday, 4th December, 2023


1) A covering letter (no more than one page), indicating the motivation for attending the workshop as well as the current state of progress of doctoral work.

2) A summary of the dissertation project (450-500 words).

3) A brief professional history (CV), including a list of publications, if any.

4) One reference letter by a senior scholar of your choice.


Notification of Results

 11 December, 2023.


For further information on the program, please see the Call for Participants below:

Call for Participants


Contact information: 
The Japan Foundation, Budapest

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Tel.: (0036-1) 214-0775/6


Contact info: ERDŐS Veronika (Ms.)

The Japan Foundation Budapest

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